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What to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

The average residential roof should last 20 years, barring severe storm damage or other destruction. Paying for a roof replacement isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it will actually save you money in the long run. Don’t let your existing roof turn into a money pit due to frequent repairs. Before you hire a roofing contractor, consider the following when replacing your roof. Replacing Your Roof Roof Replacement In Fort Myers, FLChoose the best contractor. Don’t just select a company on price alone. Ask neighbors, family, and friends if there is a roofing company they can recommend. Read online reviews of prospective contractors. Narrow your list down to a few companies and contact them for more information. Ask them for a list of client references and contact them to see how their experience was. When replacing your roof, keep your list of possible contractors short. Too many choices will actually make it harder to select the best fit for your needs. Location and timing. If your current roof is deteriorating, and you’re contemplating a replacement, consider your geographic location and the time of year. Depending on where you live and the seasonal weather, one time of year might be better than another. For example, in Florida, we have strong summer storms, not to mention Hurricane Season from June to November. So if your roof is in really bad shape, it might be wise to schedule the replacement before summer. Are you planning to sell your home? If you plan on selling your home, but need a new roof, then you probably aren’t going to opt for the most expensive materials available. If you plan on being in your home for many years to come, consider opting for a higher grade roofing material that will last longer. Permits, contracts, and insurance. A roof replacement only takes a few days, but not having the proper permits and insurance could derail the project. Some warranties are void if the necessary permit wasn’t pulled. Don’t allow any work to start on your home until you have a written contract. The contract should explain all the details you and the contractor have agreed on, including materials and costs. Before work begins, you should also receive proof of insurance. Make sure and verify that the roofing company and this specific project are covered under their company’s workers compensation and liability policy. When replacing your roof, remember to only work with a reputable and licensed roofing company. The cost of hiring the wrong roofing company can be far greater than any pennies you pinch opting for the cheapest bid. With a little bit of research you will find the best fit for the job.
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