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Should a Roof Repair Come Before or After Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Ft. Myers is something that needs to be thought with well in advance. I don’t think anyone needs reminding of the mass pandemonium brought on by Hurricane Irma… Not to mention the countless stores that were sold out of anything and EVERYTHING useful you might need to keep your family and your property safe! Well today, let’s discuss when to tackle roof repair – before or after hurricane season? It might seem like common sense to wait until after hurricane season is over. After all, you don’t want to waste money on home improvements just to have a storm damage your roof, right? Why Worry About Roof Repair Before a Hurricane? Roof Repair Before Hurricane Season Fort Myers FLWell… let’s consider what can happen if you have a damaged roof and don’t take action. During a tropical storm or hurricane, your roof may be susceptible to all sorts of pressure (wind, rain, debris, etc.). If there is an existing weak point in your roof material or underlayment, that will give Mother Nature an extra advantage to get in and do serious damage to your structure! Roof leaks are just the beginning of the real problems that can occur during a hurricane. You’ll want to ensure your structure is fully sound for other reasons, too. How about the possibility of a tree falling? Those roof repairs being done may mean the difference between the roof caving or holding its own. With a tile or shingle roof, missing shingles or tiles can make a huge difference in how your roof performs during the storm. The last thing you need during the aftermath of a storm is to worry about water damage, or the security of your structure. God forbid there are power outages or other obstacles you may already have to deal with. Let’s not add getting on the waiting list for a quality roofing company to come out and make the necessary repairs to that situation. What we would actually recommend is to have a licensed, insured roofer come out to inspect your property as soon as possible. Preferably, this would occur before storm season. But if we’re already into the summer or fall months by the time you are aware of the damage, you’re better to prepare late than too late! The experts at Marlin Construction Group are here to give you peace of mind for your family and your property this hurricane season. Serving all of Florida from our home base in Ft. Myers, our roofers can perform any needed maintenance or fix-ups. Next time there’s a tropical storm or hurricane warning, you’ll be glad you called!
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